Our client, a large multinational airline catering company needed to manage their seasonal workforce and non-core staff.  These staff who would endure lengthy on-boarding and security clearance processes.

We partnered with the company to rethink their approach and offer end-to-end delivery for their contingent workforce

Our Contingent Workforce (flexible staffing and outsourcing) solutions help our clients manage their changeable workloads in the most flexible and agile manner.

Our approach streamlined their processes to maximise efficiency and minimise time-to-hire. By working proactively to intensive timescales and implementing a keep warm strategy, we delivered an engaged contingent workforce solution that increased that increased retention. Our knowledge and support helped to build relationships with hiring managers and candidates, creating a lasting culture of trust.

Our tailored solution delivered over 300 successful hires and the process has also helped the company with a good talent pool for future recruitment requirements. We have transformed their approach to flexible workforce

Our Edge

eOutsource provides resourcing and supply of non-permanent workers, our goal is to deliver real business and strategic value to our clients. We provide Managed Services, Master Vendor, Hybrid Managed Service and Statement of Work (SOW)/Work Package Solutions. eOutsource helps organisations prepare for peak demand, identify niche skillsets for project based work or provide expert resource to cover mid-term requirements.

Our team can take ownership and accountability of the end-to-end service, or integrate into an existing resourcing team as part of a total talent acquisition model.